Hi lads,

Might be a stupid question but I read somewhere that under Irish law, all empties, both rifle rounds and shotgun cartridges are considered live ammunition and therefor count towards you ammo limit on your license.
Not sure if its true or not.

I usually keep most of the empties from my rifles as I shoot on farms (I try to pick as many as I can up) and was never sure about throwing them in the bin.
Ill throw all my cartridge empties in the bins at the clay ground so theres no problem with them.

If this is true and they are considered live ammo, what do you do with the empties? Is there somewhere to dispose of them or do people just put them in the bin?



Yeah, all spent rounds in your possession count towards your limit on your license. I usually just throw my cartridges in the bin tbh. I bring home and save my rifle casings.

If disposing any for recycling metal the person you are giving them too also needs a license in the same caliber. I think lads usually just dump them in the bin. Other less conscientious lads would probably leave them in the field.

There are probably places to dispose of them. A range would know more, as I doubt they throw all that metal in the bin. I know in the North there are places ranges take spent casings. @bugsbunny might know more than me.

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