"Inland Fisheries Ireland, the state agency responsible for the protection and conservation of freshwater fish and habitats, has revealed that over 13 kilometres of illegal nets were seized by its protection officers and inspectors around the country last year.

250 illegal fishing nets, measuring 13,158 metres in total, were among the 1,287 items seized by the agency on its patrols and inspections in 2020. Other items seized by Inland Fisheries Ireland included spear guns, hand lines, traps, illegally caught fish and stroke hauls which are large-weighted hooks used to impale a fish."


Looks like Inland Fisheries have been pretty busy last year. They also thanked the public for tip offs that lead to convictions in court, with one man having to pay €1600 in fines and was charged with possession of an illegal net along the River Brick in 2020.
It's sad that there is such disregard from so many people towards the world around them. Sea/ocean life plays a massive part in the environment as a whole, and the effects from these practices if they continue as they are will be huge
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