Just wondering what cartridges everyone is using for clay shooting and what price per slab or 1000 they are?
Currently using Fiocchi TT ones at 70e per 250.
Saw clever T1 for 60e in Irish shooting sports.

Do people think theres any difference in cartridges for clays or any benefit in spending a little more for different ones?
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Last time I bought some a few months ago it cost me e65 for 250 Eley Olympic 28GR 7.5

I always just shoot whatever is the cheapest I can get and have never noticed much difference. Would probably have to be seriously competitive to notice differences I'd say. Just my opinion.
Its always 7.5 28gr I shoot. I used to shoot Eley but since the brexit thing they went way up in price, 9.50 a box where i get them anyway.
I usually shoot the cheapest too so might switch to clever. I've never seen a difference in cartridges in either sporting or trap but i only started with clays properly last year.
Thanks for the reply!
9.50 a box is a huge jump up. I wonder if supply chain pressure is driving up the price as well as Brexit. I will have to check the current price where I get them, or I will start looking to find some cheaper somewhere else.
How are the clever working out? I just got some cartridges the other day. My usual Eley Olympic weren't in but for 69.50 I got a slab of 250 Gamebore 7.5/28GR.

I've shot them before and never had any issue. They are made in the UK same as Eley.
The clever are good, breaks clays very good and cheap too but I don't know if it's in my head or what but I feel like I'm more consistent with the fiocchi.
I'd like to pick one brand and stay with them if I can, whered you get the game bore if you don't mind me asking, I use there clear pigeon for birds they're a great cartridge.
I PM'd you my local gun shop. They have two brands they sell for under 70(Eley and Gamebore) although they seem to be low on supplies at the moment, same as every where I think.
Tried something different on saturday, got some Fiocchi litespeed 26g 8's. Tried them on the DTL layout and were brilliant. Clean kills and some good second barrel shots at distance. Much happier with these over the clever, think ill be sticking with the Fiocchi brand and may get the more expensive fblacks, which are also a brilliant cartridge, if I ever do a competition shoot.
Good stuff. How much were the Fiocchi litespeed?
Shot DTL again today with Fiocchi litespeed 26g 8's and TTones 28g 7.5's, both between 65e and 75e per 250 depending where you get them. My two favorite cartridges out of all I've tried.
Can't say I have done much trap shooting but shoot real pigeons with Remington Sureshot 32g. Never let me down. A bit more expensive than what ye are shooting at 12 euro a box.
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