As a lot of people are probably already aware there is an EU wide lead ban on ammunition coming into force soon. This will affect everyone from target shooters to people shooting clays. This is a backdoor way of getting rid of guns from civilian hands. In my opinion this ban is to make it too expensive or too much hassle for ordinary shooters that they just give up.

There was an effort by FACE  to prevent this through surveys and other lobbying efforts but sadly the EU passed the motion to ban lead ammunition. Disappointingly there was poor engagement with their surveys in Ireland despite the large number of people that would be affected here. More details on the proposal are on FACE here .

And before people think being outside the EU would of helped us, BASC in the UK have sold out the people they represent and proposed a voluntary lead ban prior to the EU one. Only difference was that they proposed a five year phase out whereas the EU one is two years. This is believed to be due to commercial interests of selling "lead free" game to the EU.

The fight right now being brought to the EU is from the Firearms United Network. Their argument is based on the article 263 of the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union, FUN is challenging this regulation (The Lead Ban) to the European Tribunal of Justice. See here.  We need to tell our friends in the shooting community what is happening. I have met too many shooters that aren't even aware of this, never mind when we had a chance to stop it before it was voted on. The steel alternates for lead shot aren't near as affective yet. For hunters, this ban makes shooting game less affective and inhumane. It will be also be more expensive for .22LR shooters to buy ammunition so target and vermin shooters will be affected here as well.

The military and police are not facing the same scrutiny as civilians despite shooting a lot more lead. The EU have floated other plans/ideas of banning full bore rifles and semi-autos in the past. This is all about disarming the law abiding public because they were powerless to stop terrorist attacks in Europe with illegally obtained firearms. Full-bore handguns were banned in the ROI because of gangland murders with illegal firearms despite no crimes recorded with legally held handguns. We are always seen as the easy target because we abide by the law. Instead of going after criminals it is easier to be seen to be doing something by making laws that criminals wont be following anyway.
For anyone interested here are our reps who voted for us and against us in Brussels on the lead ban.

Chris MacManus [SF]
Billy Kelliher [FF]

Deidre Clune [FG]
Francis Fitzgerald [FG]
Sean Kelly[ FG]
Colm Markey [FG]
Maria Walsh [FG]

Crian Cuffe [GP]
Grace O Sullivan [GP]}

Ming Flanagan [IND]
Clare Daly [IND]
Mick Wallace [IND]
Is there any more updates on this?
Originally Posted by: Ketch22 

Is there any more updates on this?

Last I heard was that the EU were trying to prevent it from going to court. There aren't any further updates that I am aware of. If I see anything I will post it here.

Blanket ban on lead shot won't be implemented here.

From the article:
"If a blanket ban on guns using lead shot had gone ahead, the National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) warned that decommissioning and replacing over 100,000 guns owned by farmers and landowners could cost €241m. This included an average cost of around €2,000 for a new gun using steel shot instead of lead.

However, the Department of Housing has now confirmed that just 18.72pc of the country has been designated as a wetland. If the wetland area had exceeded 20pc, then there would have been a blanket ban on the use of lead shot throughout the country under the regulations.

“As that is not the situation in Ireland, the purchase and use of lead shot in all of our territory will not be banned under these regulations,” a spokesperson for the Department of Housing told the Farming Independent ."

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