Interesting technique this guy uses. Skin a rabbit in a minute .

I'm a bit slower I'll admit. I seen my Da skin rabbits with his bare hands with no knife, he'd have the rabbits skinned in just a few minutes. I have a more methodical approach with my knife.

What other ways are there to skin a rabbit that people like to do?
You want to be getting as many rabbits you'd have no choice but to use that technique!

I'm also a bit more methodical about it. I generally nick the skin at the belly and open it out, then work it away from the belly and off each leg. I would then remove the head along with the fairly intact skin. The paws don't come off with the rest of the skin, they get cut off separately. After that it's only a matter of gutting the rabbit (being careful not to puncture any internals and contaminate the meat) and butchering it into separate cuts of meat — ready for the pot or pan!
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